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Before I met Daniela I was only doing makeup for fun and for friends here and there as a favor. Meeting Daniela was life changing for me. That might sound over the top for some but its my truth. She gave me the skills and confidence I needed to pursue a life long dream of being a makeup artist. I started Lavish by Amanda and have being doing makeup professionally now for 2 years and loving every minute of it. I specialize in Full glam, soft glam, contouring, and truly love Editorial work. Working with Daniela and her team is such a blessing and I cant wait to grow and do so much more.



Having trained with my sister Daniela for the past 5 years has given me the best experience I could ask for. I have grown from being Daniela’s assistant to an independent artist myself. Throughout the years of styling hair, I have learned that hair is a form of art. By having the ability to create a unique image for every individual has been an amazing experience. I love being able to share my passion and display it on my beautiful clients!




I’m a published makeup artist that loves to keep myself and others inspired in this craft! I love sharing my gift with my clients! With the art of makeup I enjoy being able to enhance features and help exude confidence with every individual type of beauty. Making my passion my job, and putting smiles on my clients' faces with that passion has been the most rewarding aspect of my journey so far.



After completing the course at my favorite school, Daniela Bell Makeup Studio, I have been freelancing for occasions and events with different clients, bridal parties and photo-shoots. I have also been Daniela’s assistant for about two years which has helped me gain more knowledge and experience. Daniela’s makeup Studio has inspired me to become the artist I am today and has provided me with such a great platform to further expand my clientele and do what I love the most. I am looking forward to building lasting relationships with each and every single one of you. 



Hairstyling is my art! I love to create unique styles and please each of my clients while embracing their individuality! I am a specialist in all areas of hair services, including color, cut, extensions, treatment services and more! I hope you enjoy my services as much as I enjoy styling you!


I have learned so much from being Daniela's assistant for two years as well as the previous 3 years i worked as a freelance makeup artist. I range from natural makeup to full glam but specialize in full glam. I have a passion for makeup and I love having the ability to exhibit it on my gorgeous clients.

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