Celebrity makeup artist Daniela Bell has created her own lashes to suit her glamorous clientele and now these lashes are available to you!

*Cruelty Free | 3D | 100% Luxury Mink*​​

These glamorous lashes are the perfect alternative to lash extensions. Whereas lash extensions can lead to the loss of lash volume or even the loss of lashes completely, Daniela Bell 3D Mink Lashes are the perfect alternative to this expensive and time consuming process, with no risk to your own lash health.

Daniela Bell 3D Mink Lashes are easy to put on. Our band is designed to fit right onto your eyelids with ease, and can be worn up to 35 times!!  


For a fraction of the cost of lash extensions, you can allow your eyes to breath all day with our lashes, take them off and wear them again in only 2 minutes!


Daniela Bell luxury Mink Lashes

Our Style CAROLINA is a special collaboration with Caroline Kraddick, with 30% of the sale going to KIDDS KIDS foundation, focused on helping children with life-altering or life-threatening conditions create beautiful memories with their families.

*Please note, lashes are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

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